Vice President, Science and Medical Advocacy, Pfizer Inc. and director of the Pfizer Medical Humanities

Mike Magee, MD, is Vice President, Science and Medical Advocacy, Pfizer Inc. and director of the Pfizer Medical Humanities Initiative. In this capacity he is called upon to speak for the Company worldwide, and for the pharmaceutical industry, on a wide range of clinical, public health, and public policy issues that impact the quality of life.

Dr. Magee is editor and host of and a former David Rockefeller Fellow. He is Senior Fellow to the World Medical Association, Professor of Surgery at Jefferson Medical College, and an Honorary Master Scholar at New York University School of Medicine. He has provided testimony to Congress, and consulted for the American Medical Association, the American Association of Medical Colleges, and the American Hospital Association. His work on creating positive and productive relationships among patients, doctors, nurses, health managers, trustees, suppliers, and payers is well known, often quoted, and has placed him at the center of health care reform.

Dr. Magee is past president of the National Association of Physician Broadcasters and a former radio and television columnist titled by the Boston Globe, “the most optimistic physician in America – Medicine’s own Norman Vincent Peale.” As former spokesperson for the Senior Olympics, Dr. Magee has been an effective advocate for healthy aging with appearances on many national broadcasts. The author of The Best Medicine and Positive Leadership, he is an accomplished public speaker whose clear and determined voice has championed patient rights and access to scientific discoveries for over two decades.

Born on January 20, 1948, Dr. Magee is the son of a house-call-making doctor and one of 12 children. He attended medical school in Syracuse, NY, and did his surgical residency at the University of North Carolina. He spent 13 years as a country doctor in rural New England before assuming progressive academic and leadership posts, including Senior Vice President of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, our nation’s first hospital. He and his wife, Trish, have four children and live in Woodbury, Connecticut.

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