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Nurse who stabbed daughter to death is jailed for 12 years

A nurse who stabbed her four-year-old daughter to death before drinking antifreeze has been sent to prison for 12 years. Dawn Makin, 35, killed Chloe Burke at their home in Bury, Greater Manchester, after she was sacked following allegations that she passed information about patients to a personal injury claims firm. Preston crown court heard …

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Students starting secondary school urged to get to know their school nurse

Students starting secondary school this September are being encouraged to get to know their school nurse so they know where to go for help and advice when they need it. For some parents and young people, the start of the school year can bring anxiety and worry, especially when students are starting a new school …

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Care home worker jailed for abuse of 89-year-old caught on hidden camera

Ivy Robinson suffered violence and verbal abuse at the Oakfoss House residential care home. Link to this video A care home assistant has been sent to prison for “unforgivable and unacceptable” neglect and ill-treatment of an 89-year-old woman. Emma Bryan’s “sickening” mistreatment of Ivy Robinson was uncovered only after the pensioner’s worried family recorded the …

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Nurses And Teachers Guests Of Clegg At Opening Ceremony

Four nurses and three teachers will join Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at tonight’s Paralympic Games opening ceremony. Mr Clegg will first entertain his guests at a reception he and the Lord Mayor of London David Wootton are hosting at the Guildhall to mark the beginning of the games. Also among the 700 guests will …

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Further evaluation of Family Nurse Partnership programme published

The Department is publishing 3 reports that provide the results of further evaluative studies of the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) programme. They cover the themes of programme eligibility, emerging issues and development of group FNP. The studies were carried out by the Institute for the Study of Children, Families and Social Issues at Birkbeck, University …

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Winterbourne View: The problem with all care homes

The point, of course, is that the state is supposed to step in and ensure that the profit principle doesn’t run away with itself. This did not happen at Winterbourne View. The local NHS department, the police and the Care Quality Commission failed to listen to those staff, patients and relatives who raised concerns about …

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Elderly cancer patients denied financial advice because nurses assume they are well-off

However, levels of satisfaction were generally lower among the youngest age group, 16-25 year-olds, and those aged over 75. The report said younger patients were more likely to be given information about financial help or benefits they may be entitled to receive. “Far more young people are being given information on these issues than are …

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TV whistle blower nurse sues employer

Yet Mrs Blackburn claims that as she and others worked to get the surgery running properly they were hindered by their parent body, the Primary Care Trust (PCT). Lorraine Pengilley, brought in to lead the efforts, spent more time cleaning than resolving the main issues and “belittled” Mrs Blackburn within earshot of patients, reducing her …

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Whistleblowing nurse ‘forced out’ after airing concerns

Mrs Pengilley “belittled” Mrs Blackburn within earshot of patients, reducing her to tears, Mrs Blackburn claimed. She said she feared the potential impact on patients who had been exposed to harm and the fact that bosses rejected her calls for surgery patients to be informed of what had been going on. Dr Paul Roblin, of …

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GP Conference Highlights Possible Detrimental Health Cost Cutting In NHS

General Practitioners are becoming ‘increasingly worried’ with the impending NHS 20 billion pound saving campaign, required by the Government. This is already apparent amongst patients that are on the waiting list for joint replacements, according to the British Medical Association (BMA).    

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